When and Where
  • 11/17/2023 7:30 AM CST
  • 11/17/2023 3:30 PM CST
  • Swissotel
  • Chicago
  • IL

This course is for all educational leaders who take an active role in the collective bargaining process. Participants will learn the legal aspects of bargaining in Illinois. Prior to the course meeting, participants will be required to review a sampling of readily available documents (school board meeting minutes, administrative group meeting minutes, newspaper articles, etc.) related to the last two contract negotiations in their districts. Based on that review and their analysis of current relevant issues, participants will come to the session with a prepared list of questions/issues that they wish to see addressed. In class, participants will study current bargaining issues, strategies and approaches and they will conclude their learning experience by developing a specific plan to apply this new learning to their local bargaining situation.


7:00am-7:30am Registration & Refreshments

7:30am-3:30pm Program

Lunch Time TBD

AAC Credit: 6.0

Designation Points: 6.0

This seminar is held in conjunction with the 2023 IASB/IASA/Illinois ASBO 90th Joint Annual Conference. Academy attendees are not required to be registered for the Joint Annual Conference.

You may purchase Wi-Fi when you register for this academy. You will receive your password upon check-in at our registration table.

Due to changes in the Illinois State Board of Education professional development requirements, please be advised that you will be required to scan in and out to all professional development opportunities, in which credits are offered. Each attendee will also be required to fill out an evaluation summary in order to receive credit.

If you have questions, any special dietary needs or would like a paper registration form, please contact Julie Sena at jsena@iasbo.org or (779) 400-6128.

Event Speakers
Barney Mundorf Attorney Presenter
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